Sitting around the galley table, the conversation usually goes something like this:
“I want to upgrade my license, what do I need to do?”. Well, let’s just open up Pandora’s Box. One only needs to count the number of sailors sitting at the table to find the number of different “here’s what you have to do” pieces of advice the inquiring sailor will receive. Advice turns to opinion, opinion to argument, argument to chaos. The conversation moves to less provocative subjects and the poor sailor still has no clue what he needs to do. Until now the only other option was to ask the local REC, and even they often don’t know the current policy that the folks at the NMC are using. Now, thanks to Leonard Lambert, we have a way to cut through all the chaos and get the right answers. His book, The New Hawsepipe, is a comprehensive voyage plan for upgrading that the mariner can use to take him from entry level all the way to the top. Well written, well researched, with reader questions asked and answered by email, this book should be in the library of every professional sailor. I’ve added it to mine.

Doug Pine - Seattle

"I have recently purchased the book to assist me in the process of up-grading my license. I am hoping to work in the merchant marine when I get off of active duty and want to set myself set up for success."

J. Vonk- Seattle

"I just finished reading the book. I expected a dry book dealing with policy and regulations, so I was quite satisfied to read a book spelling things out the way they are in the real world. What I also found was the story of a fellow Merchant Mariner whose career has been similar to mine in many ways."

Chris Edyvean, Great Lakes

"I just received my copy of your book yesterday and read it cover to cover. As a person who is interested in entering the merchant marine profession I found your book to be extremely informative and it provided excellent ground work for how to go about realizing an ambition."

J. McKee- Oregon

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The New Hawsepipe

The New Hawsepipe
A Comprehensive guide to Merchant Marine Licensing and Documentation

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